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Prayers for our friends in Scotland

Prayers this evening for our friends in Scotland as they vote yes or no on independence from the UK Thursday September 18. There are a variety of opinions on voting Yes or No. Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of St Mary's Cathedral...


Two young Episcopalians work among refugees who find support at The Episcopal Church's St. Paul's Within the Walls in Rome.

Daily Episcopalian

Spiritual Fitness

by Derek Olsen Most of the things that we do in life—especially our modern lives—take up our time. However, I am firmly convinced that there are two things that actually give us time back: prayer and exercise. I find that...

Speaking to the Soul

Making a Living

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 -- Week of Proper 19, Year Two [Go to Mission St Clare for an online version of the Daily Office including today's scripture readings.] Today's Readings for the Daily Office Psalms 72 (morning) // 119:73-96 (evening)...
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